Race Day -Battlefields 2024

All schedule links will become active the day of the event. As schedules can't be made until racers are registered.

Races to take place at Seaway Mall Center Court

Rough Schedule for Race Day Mar 2:

Cubs Reg opens 9:00am. Race start time about 10:00am, Awards 11:30am

Scouts Reg open 1:00pm. Race start time about 1:30pm, Awards 2:30pm

Most of the rules have been made to keep the track running smooth, as well to encourage youth to attend the races and race there own car

Welcome to Race Day for, kub kars, Scout Trucks, Venturer Trucks,  Rover Trucks. (Even parents)

Event will be live streamed via youtube - Search for 22nd Niagara Scouts on youtube if link above is not working

Voting for show categories -  Voting is by popular vote + judges making a decision.

Here are the rules and regulations

Kub Kar Rules

Scout Truck Rules

Here are the helpful notes on how to run a Kub Kar Race and a Scout Truck Rally.

How to run a Kub Kar/Scout Truck Rally

Please contact our Race team for any questions you may have.

E: 22ndniagarascouts@gmail.com