Where do I buy a uniform?

There a a few times of the year that there are fitting tryouts in our area. Normally in the Fall.

22nd Niagara only requires the dress shirt for uniforms. Pants and hats are optional.

What do I bring to camp?

See your scouter for a packing list details for each camp. (Specialty items may be required)

Go to our packing list section to get all the lists for each type of camp.

What do I get for my registration fee?

Your registration fee is used by Scouts Canada for administration, insurance, Scouter Assistance etc.

Your weekly meetings, camps, programming materials is all paid for by 22nd Niagara Scout group. If you would like more information come out to our Group Commitee meetings.

How can I help?

At anytime parents can come out to meetings, camps etc to assist. Seeing the kids having fun and growing as people is one of lives great joys.

A simple job like helping in the craft room get the hot glue guns ready makes a huge difference for the Scouters, and the youth. A simple job makes more time for the Scouters to concentrate on providing a excellant program.

There is some minor paper work that needs to be done (who you are, simple rules etc), but Scouter Devon can get that all ready for you.

What are we doing when? What is going on?

Check out the calendar or contact Scouter Devon if urgent. scouts@koudijscanada.com


Where to place badges - Insignia Layout

How to earn badges

Our goal is for the youth to learn a new skill. So head to the Scouts Canada page and see the badges.

Pick one, and learn a skill about that badge. IE the water badge, and learn about how we use water in Canada.

Here is a template you can use.

Badge list